About me

I have a passion for innovation and development.

I entered the banking industry in 1985 and since banks were among the first businesses to be digitalised, the opportunities for standardising and simplifying bank processes quickly caught my interest. Throughout my career I have identified, led and facilitated projects to create and capture value and developed a range of concepts for new products to increase customer value both in Personal Banking and in Business Banking.

Personal profile:

  • Visionary, creative, initiator
  • Strong analytical business consultant with professional approach
  • Ability to run change management and transformations
  • Excellent language skills and great cross-cultural understanding
  • Problem solver, simplify more complex structures, fast learner
  • 30 years industry expertise (banking, strategy and business development)
  • Well connected networker

Professional focus:

  • Strategic development
  • Product innovation
  • International projects
  • Integration across borders and organisations
  • Transformations
  • Leadership
  • Team development

Please feel free to take a look at my professional profile on linkedin.